Here you can find some jokes and some nice puzzles! Have fun!


The Torture of Choice
The soul of a dead person is having a problem. The soul is standing in front of
two closed doors. One of the doors leads to heaven and the other one to hell.
Unfortunately one does not know which door is the door to heaven. Right in
front of the doors two similar looking creatures are standing, the devil and an
angel! Unfortunately one does not know, which one of them is the angel and
which one of them is the devil. One even does not know which door is behind the
creatures! One does only know, that the angel never lies, and that the devil always lies!
The soul is allowed to ask one of the creatures only one question! With the answer the
soul must be able to say which door is the door to paradise! What question has the soul to

Where is the Ball?
You have 9 similar looking tennis balls. 8 of the balls have the same weight and one is
a little bit heavier. You have a balance. You can use the balance only two times! How can
you determine the different ball by using the balance only two times?

The Damaged Machine
You have seven machines, which produce nails. Every nail has a weight of 10 gram. One
of the machines is damaged: it produces nails with a weight of 11 gram! You have
an accurate scale. You can use the scale only one time! Then you must be able to
determine the damaged machine! Hint: you can directly take the nails from the machines
before they reach the production line.
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