Lebanon's Science

National Institutions

Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (LNCSR)

  • The LNCSR is the public institution with the initiation, guidance, support, and conduct of scientific research programs and activities in the country.

  • Based in the heart of Beirut/Lebanon.

  • Founded in 1962.


  • Institut Pedagogique National pour L'Enseignement Technique (IPNET)


    Universities in Lebanon

    Al Jinan University

    Administration: Tripoli

    Journalism and Information, Computerized Management, Laboratory, Islamic Studies, Translator and Interpreter School.

    American University of Beirut (A.U.B.)

    Central Administration: Beirut, Tel: (01)340740 - (01)865253 /4 /5 /6

    Faculty of Arts and Sciences:Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geology, History and Archeology, Philosophy, Political studies and Public Administration, Social & Behavioural Sciences, Humanities and/or Social Sciences, English, Arabic and Near-Eastern languages, Business & Management, Economics, Money & Banking.
    Faculty of Medicine:Anaesthesiology, Biochemistry, Dermatology, Diagnostic Radiology, Family Medicine, Human Morphology, Internal Medicine, Laboratory Medicine, Microbiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophtalmology, Otorhinolaryncology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Physiology, Radiotherapy, Surgery, Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Radiologic Technology Training Program, Nursing.
    Faculty of Engineering and Architecture:Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.
    Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences:Agricultural Economics & Development, Animal Sciences, Crop Production & Protection, Food Technology & Nutrition, Soils-Irrigation & Mechanisation.
    Faculty of Health Sciences:Environmental Health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Health Behaviour & Education, Health Services Administration, Medical Laboratory Technology Program.

    Department of Education.

    American University of Beirut

    Beirut Arab University

    Administration: Beirut, Tarik El Jadidah, Tel: (01)300110 - (01)301820.

    Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Human Sciences.

    Beirut Arab University

    Beirut University College (B.U.C.)

    Central Administration: Beirut, Sadat Street, Tel: (01)811968 - (01)811970

    School of Arts & Sciences:Biology, Chemistry, Communication Arts (Drama, Journalism, Radio, TV, Film), Computer Science, Mathematics, Dual Degree, Elementary Education, English Literature, Human Development (Psychology, Education, Social Work), Information Science, Political Science, International Affairs.
    School of Business:Business Administration, Banking & Finance, Computer, Economics, Marketing, Management.

    Branches: Jbail and Saida.

    Center of Higher Studies of Makassed

    Administration: Beirut

    Faculty of Islamic Studies.

    Haygazian College University

    Administration: Beirut, Ashrafieh, Tel: (01)443547.

    Business Administration, Computer Science, Plitical Science, English, Psychology, Biology, Armenian, Education.

    Lebanese Academy of Arts (ALBA)

    Interior Design, Architecture, Audiovisual, Publicity, Plastic Art.

    Lebanese University

    Central Administration: Beirut, Damas Street, Tel: (01)386817/8

    Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Faculty of Information and Documentation, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Institute of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Pedagogy, Institute of Art School(Architecture, Interior Design, Dramatic Art, Painting and Drawing).

    Branches:North, South, and Bekaa.

    L'Université Libanaise

    Notre Dame University (NDU)

    Administration: Zouk Mosbeh, Louayze, Tel:(09)912911

    School of Arts & Sciences:Computer Science, English.
    School of Business:Business Administration, Economics, Finance & Banking, Marketing, Advertising, Accounting, Management in International Affairs & Diplomacy.

    Notre Dame University

    Saint Joseph University (USJ)

    Central Administration: Beirut, Huvelin Street, Tel: (01)200629 - (01)326636 - (01)326349

    Superior Institute of Religious Sciences & The Islamo-Christians Studies Institute, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, the Translator and Interpreter Institute, The Lebanese Institute of Teachers, the Lebanese School and Social Training, the Arab Studies and Researches Center, the Living Language Studies Center.
    Campus of Medical Sciences:Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, Midwife and Pediatric Nursing School.
    Faculty of Engineering (ESIB)Faculty of Economical Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration, Banking studies Center, Insurance studies Center, the Academic Institute of Technology.
    Branches:North, Saida, and Zahle.

    L'Université Saint-Joseph

    Superior Institute of La Sagesse

    Administration: Beirut, Ashrafieh, Tel: (01)332403 - (01)334820.

    Faculty of Law.

    University of Balamand

    Administration: Tripoli, Balamand, Tel: (06)620041

    Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Arts and Human Services, Faculty of Sciences.

    L'Université Balamand

    University of Saint-Esprit Kaslik (USEK)

    Central Administration: Jounieh, Kaslik, Tel: (09)932124 - (09)930124 - (09)215700

    Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Liturgy Institute, Faculty of Letter, Institute of History, the Translation Interpreter Department, Section of Languages, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Music.

    L'Université du Saint-Esprit Kaslik

    Other Institutions

    American-Lebanese Engineering Society

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