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Lebanon's Economy

  • Marwan Iskandar and Elias Baroudi The Lebanese Economy in 1981-82 and The Lebanese Economy in 1982-83
  • Middle East Economic Digest
  • Le Commerce du Levant
  • Quarterly and Annual Reports of the Central Bank

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    Lebanon's National Security

  • Jonathan C. Randall Going All the Way
  • John Bulloch Final Conflict and Death of a Country
  • Ze'ev Schiff and Ehud Ya'ari Israel's Lebanon War
  • David C. Gordon The Republic of Lebanon and Lebanon: The Fragmented Nation
  • Michael C. Hudson The Precarious Republic
  • Itamar Rabinovich The War for Lebanon, 1970-1983
  • Marius Deeb The Lebanese Civil War
  • Rashid Khalidi Conflict and Violence in Lebanon
  • Rashid Khalidi Under Siege
  • Adeed I. Dawisha Syria and the Lebanese Crisis
  • Naomi J. Weinberger Syrian Intervention in Lebanon
  • Middle East Insight, a periodical
  • Middle East Reporter, lebanese publication (also in English)

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    Lebanon's Political System

  • Michael Hudson The Precarious Republic
  • Leonard Binder Politics in Lebanon
  • Michael Suleiman Political Parties in Lebanon
  • Enver M. Khoury The Crisis in the Lebanese System
  • John Entelis Pluralism and Party Transformation in Lebanon
  • Tabitha Petran The Struggle over Lebanon
  • Roger Owen Essays on the Crisis in Lebanon
  • Augustus Richard Norton Amal and the Shi'a
  • Samir Khalaf Lebanon's Predicament
  • B.J. Odeh Lebanon: The Dynamics of Conflict
  • Walid Khalidi Conflict and Violence in Lebanon
  • Elie Salem Adib Modernization Without Revolution
  • Fouad Ajami The Vanished Imam
  • David C. Gordon The Republic of Lebanon
  • David Gilmour Lebanon: The Fractured Country
  • Wade Goria Sovereignty and Leadership in Lebanon, 1943-1976
  • Kamal S. Salibi Crossroads to Civil War
  • Itamar Rabinovich The War for Lebanon, 1970-1985
  • Marius Deeb The Lebanese Civil War
  • P. Edward Haley and Lewis Snider Lebanon in Crisis
  • Helena Cobban The Making of Modern Lebanon

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    Lebanon's Society

  • Nura Alamuddin and Paul Starr Crucial Bonds: Marriage among the Druze
  • Halim Barakat Lebanon in Strife
  • Joseph Chamie Religion and Fertility
  • Dominique Chevallier La société du Mont Liban a l'époque de la révolution industrielle en Europe
  • Anne Fuller Buarij: Portrait of a Lebanese Muslim Village
  • Samir Khalaf Lebanon's Predicament and Persistence and Change in 19th Century Lebanon
  • Fuad Khuri From Village to Suburb
  • Sami Makarem The Druze Faith
  • Huda Zurayk and Haroutune Armenian's Beirut 1984: A Population and Health Profile.
  • Salim Nasr and Claude Dubar's Social Classes in Lebanon
  • Pierre Rondot Sects in the Lebanese State
  • Albert Hourani Minorities in the Arab World
  • Robert C. Betts Christians in the Arab East
  • Helena Cobban The Making of Modern Lebanon
  • David Gordon Lebanon: the Fragmented Nation and The Republic of Lebanon
  • Albert Hourani Syria and Lebanon
  • Michael Hudson The Precarious Republic
  • Kamal Salibi The Modern History of Lebanon

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    Source: Federal Research Division - Library of Congress (Edited by Thomas Collelo, December 1987)

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