Your digital post card from

Step #1: Choose a picture.
Choose one of the pictures by selecting the button. You can only choose one picture. If you want to see a magnified view, simply click on the picture.


Ice Cream


Step #2: Fill in name and email.
Please fill in your name, your email address, the name of the recipient, and the email address of the recipient.

Important! The email address of the recipient!

Your name:
Your email address:
Recipient's name:
Recipient's email address:


Step #3: Choose text and background color.
Please use the pulldown menus and choose the desired text and background color. By the way, choose different colors!



Step #4: Fill in the headline and the text of your card.

Your Text


Step #5: Fill in the greetings text.
  • Bye, bye!
  • Yours sincerely!
  • Ciao!


Step #6: Here you can get a card preview or you can delete your entries.
You're about to finish! Please click on the preview button to get a preview of your card! If you want to delete your card text, simply click on the delete button. It will not be sent!

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